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On this page, we have gathered together some useful resources for learning, giving information on a wide range of topics (including Life in the UK, IELTS examinations) and careers advice. We will regularly keep updating the sites which are listed on this page and if you know of a page which you think would be of interest to our learners, please email details of it to and we will add it to the page.


Videos to watch along with learning worksheets


Learning resources for English of all levels


Some useful listening resources to try, good topics and some available at all levels


Exercises to test/ learn skills on grammar


Tips on how to improve your English and advice where to get advice on careers


Tonnes of links, hints and tips for kids learning English as a second language.

An educational website that has been designed to help people to prepare for their Life in the UK Test.



Example questions and study materials – all free!


Practice for the test free online. 1000+ Example questions plus study materials!


The latest IELTS exam dates for Melton College in York along with the current fee to take the exam.



One of the best sites out there for searching for jobs, covers most job websites


Advice on creating a good CV from the University of Kent. This is the best site I’ve seen and gives a good step-by step guide for changing layout and even gives some templates and examples


Following on from the previous link, this page gives excellent descriptions of the different sections needed to make an excellent CV


Another site giving advice on making a good CV and gives 10 tips/steps to make it stand out


A lot of great career-related information, including sample resume content for thousands of job titles.

Health and Wellbeing:

Raising the awareness of the consequences of smoking and helps communities become smoke-free.


Promoting a healthier lifestyle through education and awareness of smoking.

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