At HEMCC, it has been our intention to reopen our doors to continue our teaching of English as soon as it has been possible to do so. Unfortunately, we are not yet at a time where we can reopen the centre. We are monitoring Government advice very closely and as soon as we can legally reopen, we will do.

So that we can reopen as soon as permitted, we have been working behind the scenes to make it as safe as possible by putting into place social distancing measures, hand washing/sanitising facilities, and limiting the number of learners who can attend at any one time. Below is a list of the measures being implemented:

  • Hand washing on entering and leaving the building.
  • A maximum of 5 learners at any one time.
  • All learners and staff staying a minimum of 2m away from each other at any time.
  • The use of hand sanitiser when handling paper or resources.
  • Cleaning of tables and stationery after each session.

To ensure that only 5 learners are at the centre on any day and to avoid unnecessary travel to the centre, ALL LESSONS MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE. Visit to do so. Here you can request a lesson up to 1 month in advance. Lessons can be booked one at a time and are on a first-come-first-served basis. You will receive an email when your booking has been processed and approved. Please bring this email with you when you attend.

No bookings are currently being taken until we have a firm date for reopening.

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