Volunteer Information

At HEMCC, we are always looking for committed individuals to volunteer for us at the centre.

On this page, you will find all the information you need to know about the centre. If you require any further information, have any questions or if you are interested in volunteering for us, please send us an email with your CV and details attached to volunteer@hemccfl.org.uk

Why volunteer?

Volunteering helps you to boost your employability, meet new people, gain confidence, contribute to your local community, learn new skills, be involved in something worthwhile, use and improve your skills, feel good about yourself and have fun!

Who is volunteering at HEMCC suitable for?

Absolutely anyone! Whether you are seeking a career within teaching and are looking for a great way to gain some experience, or if you have recently finished working or retired and would like to give something back and keep yourself busy, we have a place for you to do whatever your strength is, not just teaching! All our volunteers play a key part in allowing us to assist our learners.

Who are HEMCC?

HEMCC is a charity based just off Anlaby Road in Hull. We aim to help refugees be able to integrate better within British society by providing them with English skills. They are all seeking a better life and gaining valuable English Language skills is a step towards them achieving that. We also offer other classes and workshops at the centre to promote healthy lifestyles. (Further details about the courses we offer is on the Course Information page.)

What are your opening hours?

The centre opens Mondays to Thursdays between 9:00-12:00 during the school term dates, and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the holidays. You can volunteer as many days as you would like. We value any help that you can offer us!

Why would I volunteer for you?

Volunteering at HEMCC can be a very rewarding experience. All our volunteers have gained skills, which will be easily transferred into paid employment. In addition, many of our volunteers have gone into paid employment. If you are looking at going into a career in teaching, volunteering for us would give you an ideal insight into ESOL teaching. Volunteering is also an excellent addition to your CV!

What roles have you got available?

At HEMCC, we have a range of roles available. HEMCC is not just about teaching. Just like any education provider, we have many people working behind the scenes, who we couldn’t run without! We therefore also require volunteers to assist with Administration, General Office Tasks, Cleaning,  IT Maintenance. Everyone plays a vital part in the running of the centre!

Can I claim expenses?

As we operate through funding, we are unable to reimburse travel expenses.

What would be expected of me?

We expect of our volunteers the same as any employer would expect of their employees.We would expect you to be polite at all times to learners and other members of staff and be friendly and approachable. You will be responsible for assisting with the teaching of Grammar or Vocabulary to our learners. You may also be required to help complete some of the Centre’s paperwork, such as completing registers. All details of the role will be fully explained at the induction.

What qualifications and documents do I need to volunteer?

In order to volunteer at HEMCC in a teaching role, all we would ask of you is that you have a good understanding of the English language. We would ask that you have at least a GCSE grade C or equivalent in English. We may ask you (within a reasonable period of time) to provide 2 references to us, proof of your highest qualifications, as well as proof of a current CRB/DBS check.

Can I train whilst at HEMCC?

Whilst volunteering with us, depending on qualifications, commitment and availability, you may be able to complete a PGCE or CELTA. In order to complete these qualifications you require a set number of teaching hours to be completed, which you could do at the centre. All fees and other costs of completing a course are the responsibility of the volunteer.

I receive benefits, will volunteering affect them?

Please ask a JobCentre advisor in relation to Government policy on volunteering and your benefits.

What skills have your volunteers gained?

Our volunteers have enhanced their own English language skills, developed communication skills, learnt about teaching methods, gained knowledge about other cultures and lots lots more!! If you would like to have an informal chat, one of our volunteers would be very happy to talk to you!

Can I use HEMCC as a reference?

We are always happy to supply a reference to any of our volunteers. Volunteering is a two way process, volunteers are supplying valuable help for us, so we are always happy to return the favour. Please ask one of the HEMCC Directors about this.

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